About Me

Growing up Neurodivergent was challenging. Feeling like an outsider as a person of color, an immigrant, and a  woman, I had a perspective of otherness my entire life. I grew up unaware of my neurodivergence and this created many internal and daily life challenges. My clients tell me I put them at ease and that they feel accepted and welcome. I strive to create a safe space for the differences in all of us. I believe that when we shift from self-judgment to self-love self-acceptance creates a space to grow and thrive. "When you exist in spaces that weren't made for you, remember that just being yourself is the revolution" ~Elaine Welteroth



I work primarily from a neurodiversity affirming stance to address anxiety, life challenges, relationships and communications. I do this through a Trauma Informed model and use a combination of Unconditional Positive Regard, Psychoeducation, Motivational Interviewing and EMDR among other clinical modalities. I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals, families and groups.


Ready to connect?  Your genuine self awaits. 


Want to address anxiety and stress management, executive functioning, communications, relationships and personal wellness from a neurodiversity affirming safe space? Book a session with me to create a plan to address current challenges and goals.

Neurodiversity Affirming Consultations and Executive Coaching

Learn how to support your neurodiverse employees from a perspective that honors and emphasizes their talents and gifts. Executive coaching and individual consultations available.

EMDR Retreats

Want to help your high-performing team relax in a secluded setting while also processing challenging memories that may be blocking growth and expansion? Book for a small group EMDR retreat, and relax, reprocess and renew your perspective in a private and calming space.

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